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plot is basically about all said (with a little more background for teeny development and it's just too uninteresting and unoriginal to be in film format, as well as being too little and less grand than nearly. And Fairy Tail fell right into that trap. Assuming you've read the quick synopsis on the top, do you know how the bad filler arcs in Fairy Tail are like? There also isn't enough background on the stones and Eclair (I'll talk about her later though considering the time limit of the movie. C D- C hopper.E F- F ranky. But then again, it doesn't really matter as it's only little details to limit the questions you'd be wonderingly asking, so if you're really desperate to watch this then ask someone to fill you in the very basic details. In a long time, they probably have the worst motives anyone can come up with; the motives are generic, rubbish excuses that even contradict each other, and the fact that the world is going to end because of the given motives is just plain horrible. Category: Anime Chat Rooms, chat Room - 5 users - 36 minutes ago - current topic: fma_no_fansub :.: Bienvenue sur le chan de la FMA :.: Projets en cours : To aru Kagaku no Railgun S 24/24 Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse 08/24 Toaru Majutsu. It's a catchy and good-ass rock november song, and it's probably the only really, really awesome part of the entire movie. The past wasn't so significant though, and definitely wasn't too interesting to know about, especially if the story wasn't good at all. I'm not the biggest fan of the series, and granted that the series has lots of flaws which can be easily improved, but altogether the series is very entertaining, the characters are memorable and some arcs can be really fascinating. And now, the long-running popular shounen series finally gets its take on a movie. Org : New Releases: Kingdom S2 Episode 39 (End Toriko. M N -N ami. Online Chat, search free chat rooms on the. It's basically another set-up like 'the heroes getting caught in a bad situation and they solve stuff' sort of thing.

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There's still a lot of 'quality' moments where the faces from far distance are hilariously distorted, weird positioning at times, and the infamous cheap tricks of moving one frame in certain directions are used here.That said, the OST and ED is fine, but nothing really worth saying.